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What is Property Management Service?

We help clients who have properties across India with Property Management Services like Vacant plot or land monitoring (to avoid any land encroachments), Legalities and Documentation, Planning and Construction, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Furnishing, Gardening, Security Installations and Personnel, Repairs and Maintenance, Electric Work, Plumbing, Carpentry, Masonry, Painting and Wallpaper, Timely Property Tax Payments, Rental revenue collection from tenants, Accounting and Reporting, Revenue Transfers to our clients with crystal clear statements, repairs of Elevators, Escalators, Heating Equipment, Air Conditioning, Home Appliances, Assistance in Bank Loan Sanctions, Anything Required will be done you name it we got it. We help our clients to buy, sell, rent and lease their properties. We charge a nominal and negotiable fee to our clients according to their needs for more details contact us to get a quotation today. Complete tasks related to repairs and maintenance hassle-free and leave the tedious work to us.

When do you need us ?

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Non Resident Indians who own properties in India are unable to monitor and maintain their properties due to geographical distance which causes lack of one to one interactions with the tenants, house keeping and construction workers, local authorities and so on, in this case we help NRI’s by giving them holistic Property Management Services with complete transparent accounting and realtime reporting of all the repairs and tasks carried out on their property.
Indian Property Owners are engaged in their business and work which in turn causes lack of attention towards their properties, The Hectic work schedule may not be conducive for monitoring their properties on a regular basis and the owners find it difficult to manage and carry out tasks related to their properties, We help property owners all across India monitor and carry out complete property management tasks on regular intervals specified by the owners, we make your property management tasks hassle free.


Vacant Plot Monitoring
Timely Tax Payments
Legalities and Documentation
Architectural Design
Interior design
Will Registration
Fiduciary Service
Tenancy Management
Installation of Security Equipment
Elevator and Escalator Repairs
AC | Heating Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
Electrical Work
Painting and Wallpaper
Art and Artifacts
House Keeping
Security Personnel
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